Q and A

Q: I would like to know are we allowed to keep dogs as pets?

A: Muslims are not allowed to keep dogs as pets. Dogs may be kept as security, if there is no other means practical or available, but they should not be brought into the home.

Q. Can I ask a brother who did me down, to tell me what he did for him to ask for maaf (forgiveness)? He just asks for maaf but refuses to tell me what he did. I am not prepared to accept his request unless he states what he did to me.
A. It is best not to ask what wrong the brother did. This will save you great anxiety and the wrong will not linger in your thoughts, wreck your peace of mind and disrupt your Ibaadat and Zikrullah. However, you are permitted in the Shariah to ask him.

Q. Is eating with fork and knife haraam?
A. It is not permissible to eat with fork and knife.  It is the practice of kuffaar. Emulating the salient customs and practices of the kuffaar is haraam.

Q. A person gave three talaaqs to his wife and then with the blessing of a Mufti made nikaah with her. What is the position of this nikaah?
A. After administering three talaaqs the process of halaalah is incumbent. The ex-wife will have to marry another man and after consummation of the marriage and talaaq then only can she return to her former husband. If this process is not adopted, then the two live in the state of fornication in view of their second nikaah not being valid. The ‘mufti’ has paved the way for the ruin of his and the couple’s Aakhirat.

Q. Why is it not permissible to wear jeans? What is the ruling if it is worn just for the husband?
A. Jeans is the dress of fussaaq (depraved people). It is not permissible to emulate the fussaaq in their lewd dress styles. Furthermore, this tight fitting garment is also said to be harmful, physically. We have seen several reports of the harms to a person’s health in wearing this tight fitting outfit. Alas we had to mention this factor, whereas the spiritual harm ought to be sufficient deterrence for a Muslim to adopt abstention.
It is highly unbecoming of Muslim husbands to desire their wives to follow the fashion of the zaaniyahs who prowl the streets. This smacks strongly of fis