Q And A – We Had To Break Open The Mayyits Safe

Question: If the mayyits safe keys could not be obtained and there upon a lock smit was called to open the safe, can the lock smith be paid for with the funds of the mayyit?

Answer: Yes the lock smith must be payed from the assets of the mayyit. This falls under expenses incurred by the deceased.

Question: Does The Mayyits Rooh Come To The House? If You Say No, Then Why Does The Deceased Come In Dreams?

Answer: The deceased’s rooh is in a different realm and the living beings are in a different realm. seeing a person in a dream does not mean that they come to the house. If you dream of someone who lives far away, does it mean that he came to your house?

Fataawa Darul Uloom, Vol 1 pg325


Question: What Should Be Done With The Clothes And Belonging Sof The Deceased Which Are Not Cash And Jewellery?

Answer: Everything should be valued individually; every single item. You must distinguish the value of it as second hand. After all the items are valued till the last pin, lots will be made in accordance to the amount of shares in the estate between the heirs. Equal lots will be made and the heirs will be given there lot or lots. For example if there are seven shares then seven lots will be made up with the items in equal value, thereafter distributed to the heirs.


Question: Zaid Died And Left Behind His Wife, Mother, 2 Daughters, 2 Sons Daughters And 3 Sisters. How Should The Estate Be Divided?

Answer:  The estate will be divided into 24 shares as follows: wife=1/8 or 3/24  mother=1/6 or 4/24  2 daughters=1/2 or 12/24  2 sons daughters=1/6 or 4/24  3 sisters=balance to be shared equally or 1/24