The Wife of Ayyub ‘alayhis salaam

The Wife of Ayyub ‘alayhis salaam

Her name is Rahmat. When Ayyub ‘alayhis salaam fell ill and his entire body was engulfed with sickness, everyone stayed aloof from him. No one came near him. However, his wife remained in his service and bore all the difficulties in tending to him.

One day, she was delayed in coming to him. Out of anger, Ayyub ‘alayhis salaam took an oath that when he recovers he will give her 100 strikes with a stick. When he recovered, he decided to fulfil his oath. Out of His mercy,

Allah ordered him to take a broom which has 100 bristles and to strike her once. (In this way he will fulfil his oath).

Lesson: See how patient she was that despite her husband’s critical condition she remained in his service. From the oath which he took when he was ill we can deduce that his temperament had become a bit sensitive.
However, she used to overlook this as well. On account of her service and patience Allah saved her from those 100 strikes. From this we can deduce that she was very much liked by Allah in that He lightened this punishment for her.

*This mas’ala does not apply any longer. If anyone takes such an oath, by his striking with a broom the oath will not be fulfilled. Instead, the person will have to break this oath and pay compensation (kaffarah). O women! Be obedient to your husbands and endure their sensitive temperaments, you will also be beloved in the sight of Allah.