Allah Ta’ala says:

“I assign my affair to Allah. Verily He sees all (His) servants.”

Rasulullah (saws) said: “When you arise in the morning do not contemplate in your heart about the evening, and when it is evening do not contemplate about the morning.”

Tafweez is to assign oneself to Allah Ta’ala. He may do with one as He desires. One’s gaze and hope should be on none besides Allah. While employing the means and the agencies, the result of all things should be left to Allah Ta’ala.

Tafweez does not mean shunning the means and the agencies which Allah Ta’ala has created for the acquisition and rendering of affairs. It merely means that one’s confidence and hope should he on none besides Allah Ta’ala. The result of the employment of the means and agencies should be left to Allah Ta’ala. In affairs not related to means and agencies, tafweez should be adopted from the very beginning. In such matters one should not adopt tajweez (plan and scheme).

ajwees (to plan, scheme and programme) is the cause for all worry, because of it being expected that the operation of a project planned should proceed along the set plan and programme arranged for it. If the result is contrary to expectation, worry and frustration are the consequence. The schemes initiated by man mostly consist of matters not within the control of his volition. It is therefor puerile to scheme about things not within one’s volition. It is for this reason that the Ahlullaah (the Auliyaa) shun tajweez. They resign themselves entirely unto Allah Ta’ala and submit to the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.

It is necessary to abandon one’s own scheme of operation and resign oneself to Allah. This applies to even the development of one’s spiritual condition. In trodding the spiritual path of development one should not initiate one’s own scheme. Assign everything to Him. Bestowal or the elimination of haalaat and kaifiyaat (spiritual conditions) should be assigned to Him. The seeker of Allah should annihilate his tajweez in the Tajweez of Allah Ta’ala. In other words, he has to adopt total and perfect abdiyat (submission and serfdom –being a total slave of Allah Ta’ala).

When being confronted with an event which is in conflict with one’s liking then immediately think that it is an act of Allah and most assuredly there is wisdom and goodness in it. In the beginning it will be difficult to acquire this attitude. However, constant reflection produces the annihilation of effort and then this attitude assumes a natural condition in the Ahlul-laah (the Auliyaa)