A Troubling Dream

I hope someone can help me with interpreting of a dream…

A few nights back I dreamt my father passed away, but sitting by the mayyit he comes alive and starts talking etc. I think he is fine but my mum (in the dream) says, “No, he is not alive, but it’s part of passing away…”

Alhamdulillah both my parents are alive and well, but this dream seems to be upsetting me. Can someone help interpreting it?

A. Treasure your parents as long as they are alive and serve them to the best of your ability. Practise on the teachings of Islam as best as you can and prepare yourself for the eternal life of the Aakhirah. Allah Ta’ala has given us a short time to spend in this world. This world is the Abode of Amal. We should, therefore, concentrate all our attention and expend all our efforts in the direction of cultivating our Aakhirat with good deeds, learning the Deen and remembering Allah Ta’ala.

Do not become concerned about dreams as you will not be questioned about your dreams in the Aakhirat. You will, however, be questioned about your deeds and how you treated your parents.