Q. Is it permissible to perform Salaat with a plain T-shirt on which there is no inscription?

A. It is Makrooh Tahrimi to stand in Salaat in the presence of Allah Ta’ala dressed so lewdly in kuffaar garb. It is not permissible.

Q. Hypothetically, if people reach Mars and begin living there, will they also die when it is Qiyaamah?

A Most certainly all people will perish when the Trumpet for Qiyaamah is sounded even if they are living on Mars or Pluto or trillions and zillions of lightyears further away in space. No one will escape death. All creation will perish when Hadhrat Israafeel (Alayhis salaam) sounds the Trumpet. The Qur’aan Majeed explicitly mentions the destruction of even the stars, and the stars according to the atheist scientists are billions of miles further than Mars into space. The heavens which are solid structures whose existence is denied by the atheists, will also be destroyed. “Verily Allah is All Powerful over all things.” “When He wills anything, He says: ‘Be!, and it occurs (as He willed).”

Q. If a couple commits zina and the female is married but wants to marry the male with which she has committed the act of zina, will the iddat period still be the same after she receives talaaq from her husband?

A. The iddat period remains the same. When the woman in question receives talaaq from her husband she has to obligatory complete her iddat before you can marry her.
Both of you should meditate on the Aakhirah and the punishment awaiting extra-marital affairs to avert any act of haraam.
May Allah Ta’ala grant us taqwa and reverence for the Ahkaam of Islam.

Q. My haidh for the month of December was from the 23rd till the 28th. On the 18th and 19th January I had a red discharge only. Then from the 1st of February till today (6th February) Asr time I have experienced a red discharge. In November my haidh was normal 6 days after 34 days of tuhr (clean period). I am confused regarding the two days red discharge in January and the red discharge which I experienced from the 1st of this month. Which of these days  are haidh?

A. The discharge on the 18th and 19th of January was istihaadhah. The discharge from the 1st of February was haidh. Your aadat (periodic cycle) of 6 days haidh thus remains intact. Wallahu A’lam.

Q. A person who was a known drug dealer, was shot and killed because the drug deal went sour. Will he be a martyr?

A. No, a person killed in disobedience to the Shariah is not a martyr.

Reference: Baheshti Zewar english: p 283

Q: If the deceased made wasiyyat of assets but did not specify specifically which item is for whom. for example if there are four sets of kurtahs, and the wasiyyat says that one set should go to each of the four mentioned NON-HEIRS.
Ho do we distribute it, since it was not stipulated by him which one?

A: In this case, you will hold draw or lottery. Tag the four items with a number and make four separate tags with numbers mathing those on the clothes. The people who must receive the kurtahs must pull a paper from the draw box. He will now take the item described on the paper.

Please note that wasiyyat must be done from one third of the assets. The value of the items MAY NOT exceed one third.