Ramadhaan-P2—Sabr, Sympathy and Barkat

(Continued from Part 1)

“…This is indeed the month of Sabr (patience), and the reward for (true) patience is Jannah (paradise). It is the month of sympathy with one’s fellowmen. It is a month wherein a believer’s Rizq (sustenance) is increased…”

A Brief Explanation

  1. We all know the famous saying, “A hungry man is an angry man.” It does not mean when fasting and hungry during the day, one should live by the saying and take-off for any small matter, be it from the hard-working worker who perhaps forgot to pack the shelves, be it from the tired maid who perhaps forgot to empty out the bins or sweep the floor, or the fasting wife who has presented to you the grocery list late. Rather control one’s anger and exercise Sabr. Allah’s promise for those who adopt Sabr is guaranteed, “Verily, Allah is with those who adopt Sabr.” Meaning, Allah’s Aid, Rahmat and Barkat will be with the one adopting Sabr.

The certificate for Jannah is proven from this Hadith for those who adopt Sabr.

  1. Kindness, compassion and care for fellow human beings is a demand in this month. Perhaps we were oblivious of the hunger of the poor, hence Allah made fasting compulsory for us to share in their feeling of hunger. This will make our hearts soft.

Also, those who are in authority over people is expected to lessen the work in the month of Ramadhaan. Remember, your worker/family or anyone under you is also fasting and going thorough similar to what you are experiencing!

  1. And finally, most important, the Rizq of the Mu’mineen is increased. No further explanation is required for this. A thorough explanation of this is the laden Dastarkhaan Iftaar time! Many delicious, lavish and special foods are prepared in this month which perhaps are not prepared often.

Truly, in South Africa, Allah Ta’ala has blessed us with abundance of food. Let not one crumb of bread, grain of rice/sugar or drop of water go to waste!

(To be continued, Insha Allah)