Malakul Maut & Hadhrat Ibraheem (alayhis salaam)

Malakul Maut

When Allah Azza Wa Jal announced to the Angels that He had made Hadhrat Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) His Khaleel (Friend),  Hadhrat Izraaeel (alayhis salaam) – the Angel of Death – requested permission to convey this good news to Nabi Ibraheem (alayhis salaam). Permission was granted.

After Malakul Maut conveyed the glad tidings, Nabi Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) said: “O Izraaeel, show me how you extract the souls of the kuffaar.”  Malakul Maut: “You will not be able to bear seeing it.” When Hadhrat Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) persisted, Izraaeel (alayhis salaam) transformed himself into the form in which he appears at the time of capturing the souls of the kuffaar. In front of him, Hadhrat Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) beheld a hideous and massive creature. His head reached the sky and flames were being emitted from every part of his body. The horror of the sight was such that Nabi Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) fell down unconscious.

After he revived, Malakul Maut had assumed the first form in which he had initially appeared. Nabi Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) said: “O Izraaeel!  Assuming that a kaafir will not have to suffer the pangs of death, then too, the form in which you appear is adequate punishment.”

Then Nabi Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) asked to be shown how he extracts the souls of the Mu’mineen. Malakul Maut transformed himself into and exceedingly handsome man whose face was radiant with Noor (celestial light). He was dressed in beautiful white garments and  a wonderful fragrance was being emitted. Nabi Ibraheem (alayhis salaam) commented: ‘O Izraaeel! If instead of the mercy of Allah, the dying Mu’min sees you, it will suffice for him.”