Extra Nawaafil Salaah During The Day And Night

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Extra Nawaafil Salaah during the day and night

All forms of abundance and praise is due to Allah for His blessings. We remember Allah in a manner that does not leave any trace of pride or resentment in our hearts. We thank Allah who makes the night and day a place for those who take heed or express gratefulness to him, we bear witness that there is no God besides Allah, the unique. He is one and has no partner. We bear witness that Muhammed is His messenger and servant, who was sent with the truth, as a giver of glad tidings and as a warner. Salutations of Allah be upon him, his family and his honoured companions, who strived in the worship of their creator in the mornings and evenings to such an extent that each one of them became guided to the Deen and a shining lamp (illuminating the road to guidance).

Nabi has said that Allah says: “My slave continues to come nearer to Me with superogatory (Nawaafil) prayers until I start loving him.” (Bukhari)

Nabi ) said: “It is necessary to stand in optional prayers during the night because this was the practice of the pious generation before you and it is a means of gaining nearness to your Sustainer. It is also an atonement for your sins and a strength against vice.” (Tirmizi)

Rasulullah has said: “O slave of Allah do not be like that one, who used to stand (at) night in worship, but left it.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

Rasulullah  has also said: “Verily Deen is easy, a person who makes it difficult on him, will be overwhelmed by it, so be moderate (in your affairs), seek the nearness of Allah, be happy and seek assistance (by worship) in the morning and evening and in a part of the night (for the hereafter).” (Bukhari)

Nabi also stated: “Whoever was unable to complete his section of Quranic recital at night and reads it between the Salaah of Fajr and Zuhr, it will be written for him as if he had read it at night.” (Muslim)

I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Shaytaan.

Quraanic Ayah: “Remember thy Sustainer within yourself with humbleness and fear, in a low voice in the morning and evening, and be not of the neglectful ones.” (Surah A”raaf ayat 205)