Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan 1-5 رحمه الله

1. What you say should be for the Pleasure of Allah, what you do should be for the Pleasure of Allah.

2. Everything should be done fully and continually within the confines of the Ahkaam – the Shariah.

3. Inculcate such understanding of the Deen that if someone approaches you for an academic discussion then you do not cower at disseminating the Haq.

4. Shaitaan had Ilm, but neither was he a Faqeeh nor was his Akhlaaq reformed.

5. The more one is grounded in beautiful and praiseworthy character and free of despicable character , negligence will come to an end and one will be alert and saved from the wiles of the Nafs.