The Signs Of The Acquisition Of Nisbat With Allah Ta’ala

Nisbat literally means relationship or connection. A nisbat or connection is a two-way process. It has two ends. In our context Nisbat Ma’Allah (Relationship with Allah) means Allah’s connection with the bandah (servant) and the bandah’s connection with Allah Ta’ala.

The attainment of Nisbat Ma’Allah is also referred to as Husool Ilal-laah (Attained towards Allah). The relationship of Allah with the bandah is Allah’s Pleasure with His servant. The relationship of the bandah with Allah means constancy of the servant in taa’at (obedience) and involvement in abundant thikr with perfect consciousness.

The sign of the existence of the bandah’s relationship with Allah is his restlessness for engagement in obedience and Ibaadat as well as total abhorrence for all forms–both zaahir and baatin–of sin and disobedience. In addition to this is the bandah’s continuous striving to follow the Sunnah.

N.B. Among the various kinds of Ibaadat, Salaat is an all-embracing form of worship. If executed properly, observing all its rules, conditions and respects then no other specific form of riyaadhat (spiritual exercise) is necessary for spiritual progress and the achievement of Nisbat Ma’Allah. Salaat contains Thikr, Shaghl, Muraaqabah, Auraad, e.g. Tasbeeh, Istighfaar, Durood etc. The Thikr of Salaat is the tilaawat of the Qur’aan in it. This is in fact the highest form of Thikr. Shaghl in Salaat is the pre-occupation of the mind which consists of focussing the attention on the spot of Sajdah during Qiyaam; on the feet during, Ruku; on the bridge of the nose during Sajdah; on the lap in Jalsah, and on the shoulders when making Salaam. Muraaqabah in Salaat is one’s contemplation at the time of Takbeer-e-Tahrimah and keeping in mind for the whole duration of Salaat that “Allah is watching me.” This condition of total contemplation is called Ihsaan. All Mujaahadah and Riyadhat are undertaken to achieve this condition of Ihsaan. Regarding the condition of Ihsaan, the Hadith Shareef says that Jibra’eel (alayhis salaam) asked Rasulullah (saws):

“What is Ihsaan ?”

Rasulullah (saws) replied:

“(Ihsaan is) that you worship Allah as if you are seeing Him and if you cannot see Him (then know) that, verily, He sees you.”

In brief the Path of Sulook and its final destination, the stage of Ihsaan, is attainable by fulfilling Salaat with all its Aadaab, Mustahabbaat and Shuroot. In this way the effects of the Lataa-ife Sittah (the six spiritual faculties) will become manifest.