What Is The Sign That Allah Loves A Household?

Rasulullah Salallahu alaihi wasallam said:

“When Allah loves the people of a household, He introduces kindness among them.” (Ibn Abi al-Dunya; Sahih al-Jami)

Kindness amongst husband and wife, brothers and sisters, in-laws and other household people is a sure sign that Allah Loves them. On the other hand, bickering and fighting, arguing and bitterness, “silent treatment” and gossiping are a sure sign that Allah Ta’ala is unhappy with that household.

When Allah Paak is unhappy, no matter how delicious the food may be and no matter how exciting the TV program may be, it will not bring happiness into the heart.

When Allah Paak is unhappy, no matter how huge the mansion may be, there is no true love between a husband and a wife.At the slightest provocation, they spit and are split apart.

When Allah Paak is unhappy, then no holidays at a beach front hotel can bring tranquillity to the heart — it is but just band aids to a serious problem.

Sin does not glue people’s hearts together. Rather it is obedience unto Allah.

Does Allah Paak not proclaim:

“Verily those who bring Imaan and do good deeds, RAHMAAN will create LOVE AMONGST THEM” (Surah Maryam)