Islam for Convenience

In many instances, you will find that Islam is adopted only for convenience and not due to the love of Islam. The airport has salaah facilities, but this is out of convenience and not because of their love for Islam as such. It is just there to gain support from the

Muslims while Islam is not of any concern to them. A bank displays Islamic terms, but again it is not Islam that is of major concern, rather it is the material gain.

Legitimising and Legalising

The entire effort nowadays is behind legitimising and legalising, and looking for loopholes. Allah Ta‘ala knows what is being done for greed and what is being done with sincerity.

The consequence of legitimising is very serious. The Bani Israaeel were prohibited from fishing on Saturdays. As a loophole, they would cast their nets on Fridays and draw them out on Sundays, thus not practically fishing on Saturdays.

However, the consequence of this loophole was that they were transformed into apes and monkeys.

In order to appease themselves, after adopting a loophole, people then cite the names of certain personalities, but it is not a matter of who says it. Instead, it is the weight of the argument that really counts.

Stepping Stones to Reformation