Mistreating Of Employees

Question: I am an Ustaad at a Madrassah. Due to my low income, a person, out of his own accord, offered to supplement my monthly salary. I was made to wait at times for two hours in his shop. On other occasions I was told to return the next day. I have decided not to go to his shop again. Please advise if this is pride.

Answer: The person has erred severely in treating you in this manner. By not going with a begging bowl in your hand, you have upheld the lofty stage of ‘ilm. What you have done does not constitute pride.

Whenever any form of contribution to Deen is done, whether it be Zakaat, Lillah or Waqf etc., it is extremely important that the approach be honourable, dignified and sincere.

More than dealing with a person, organization or institution — one is dealing with The Most High, especially when it comes to non-obligatory issues.

Let’s cite the example of Nafl Salaah. This is not an obligation. However, if a person commences two Rak’aats Nafl Salaah and for some reason or the other, he terminates it before completion, it is now compulsory upon him to repeat it. Allah Ta’ala did not demand the Nafl Salaah in the first place. Since it was started, the Shariah demands that we repeat it. The worship of Allah, physically or materially, is not a casual affair.

Contributions should be done with humility and respect. There should be a deep sense of Shukr that one’s wealth is being used for Islam and not squandered on a wedding, etc. Contributions should not be done as a favour or as a manner which creates an impression that it is a burden.

The real loser is the donor. How much Thawaab he has deprived himself of will only be clear to him on the Day of Qiyamah. He has lost the Thawaab of every child that you taught.  What a great loss!

No sincere Deeni activity stopped because of lack of funds. Allah Ta’ala always creates the means for others to step in.  Do not fear. Insha-Allah, Allah will grant you plenty of Barkat. (Ameen)