Fresh And Happy Concerning The Mu’mineen

Concerning the Mu’mineen, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“He will welcome them while they will be fresh and happy.” On the Day of Qiyaamah when Believers will be resurrected from the Qabar (Barzakh), their faces will be awarded a glitter and happiness will permeate their hearts. When the Mu’min rises from the Qabar he will find in front of him a person whose face will glitter like the sun, attired in beautiful white garments, with a crown on his head. The noble stranger will come closer and offer salutations to the resurrected Mu’min who will answer the Salaam and ask: “Who are you? Are you an Angel?”

The stranger will reply: “I am not an Angel.” Mu’min: “Are you a Nabi?” Stranger: “I am not a Nabi.” Mu’min: “Are you a close servant of Allah?” Stranger: “I am not a close servant.” Mu’min: “Who then are you after all?” Stranger: “I am your virtuous deeds. I am present to take you to Jannat. You are to mount on me.” Mu’min: “I cannot mount such a holy person as yourself.” Stranger: “For a considerable period on earth I was mounted on you. Now I say with Allah’s Pleasure: You mount on me.” (Extract from Ghunyatut Taalibeen of Hadhrat Sayyid Abdul Qaadir Jalani)

The-righteous deeds of Mu’mineen will assume human forms which will lead and guide the Believers in comfort towards Jannat. The happiness and freshness referred to in the aforementioned aayat pertain to the occasion of resurrection. The direct opposite will be the fate of the kaafir.