”…I Will Definitely Waylay Them from Your Siraatal-Mustaqeem.”

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

 The Siraatal-Mustaqeem

All praises are due unto Allah alone. Durood and Salaams be upon Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam

Allah Ta’ala advises the believers to make the following dua: “And guide us to the straight path…”

The auspicious word “Siraat” means path or road.

The auspicious word “Mustaqeem” means “straight” and “righteous”.

The Siraatal-Mustaqeem is what a Muslim has been instructed to make dua for daily. Not just make Du’a but to do so in Salaah. Not just once, but in every Rak’aat of the 48 Shar’i stipulated daily Rak’aats.

O, how much don’t we just require Allah Ta’ala to guide us throughout the day! Decisions have to made, plans formulated, emotions have to be controlled, negligence has to be avoided, carelessness has to be abandoned and the Nafs has to be combated. To top it all Shaytaan and his devious and mischievous schemes have to be negotiated.

Shaytaan made the following declaration to Allah Ta`ala: “I SWEAR that because You have sent me astray I will definitely waylay them from Your Siraatal-Mustaqeem.” (c7. v 16)

And thus is he forever plotting and planning on how to waylay Allah’s simple servants.

Leave alone whose marriage he could destroy today, he is simply satisfied if he could just cause a little disharmony between couples. Never mind couples, a little animosity between friends is also an achievement.

When a child is born, parents celebrate. Shaytaan has no time for celebrations. In Hadith we are informed that he immediately touches that child. He seeks to establish his stamp of authority. He is on a mission – a mission to sit on the Siraatul-Mustaqeem in order to waylay that child.

A long nine months before the birth of that innocence personified, did the the Shariah already advice us to seek protection from Shaytaan when approaching one’s wife. So we were careless. So we made Shaytaan’s work easier for him to waylay that child.

In a Hadith we are informed that at the time of death, Shaytaan appears in order to waylay and snatch the Imaan of a Muslim. This is where he makes his final grand stand.

Between birth and death, this avowed enemy, Shaytaan, is continuously active in confusing and misleading us. Shaytaan is immensely cunning. He operates is sweet subtle ways. He is endlessly patient. He is extremely intelligent. He is well versed with the art of holiness. As for knowledge, he rips apart the “learned” ones without even as much as a frown on his forehead.

When the Shariah demands haste is Salaah and good deeds, it is Shaytaan that whispers “tomorrow you will change”. And mind you, this false promise has been whispered for who knows how many years. And keeping on whispering it, he will, until death.

When the Shariah demands obedience to Allah and His Rasul Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam it is Shaytaan that waylays us with false ideologies of gender equality and appeasement to the kuffaar system.

When the Shariah demands anger and aggression, it is Shaytaan that will whisper “brotherhood and unity”. Indeed sweeter than honey, yet more dangerous than a snake.

And so to whom does one turn and what does Allah’s innocent creation do in the face of such an astute and evil avowed enemy?

Turn unto Allah and do what He has told us to do.  Allah, Rahmaan and Raheem has taught us a Du’a.

“Ih- dinas-Siraatal-Mustaqeem”.

Say it over and over. Whisper it desperately. Listen attentively to the Imaam saying it.

Say it at dawn. Say it at mid-day. Say it before sunset. Say it at dusk. Say it at night.

Don’t let’s just say it. Let’s ask for it. We need it – the Siraatal-Mustaqeem.

Story: A pious Muslim was on the verge of death. At this critical time he was speaking and screaming what seemed to be a lot of “nonsense”. After a little while came to his senses. Qaari Tayab Saheb Rahmatullahi alayh was called to the house. When it was inquired as to why he was behaving in such a hysterical manner, the pious Muslim replied:

“Hadhrat, please request my family to ignore what I am saying. Shaytaan is coming to me and mocking at me. I have never missed a Salaah in my entire life. Shaytaan is saying:

‘What hope can a person like you have for Allah’s Mercy. You have not read your last seventeen Salaahs in the Masjid. Jahannam is awaiting you.’

Hadhrat, I am frantic with worry.”

Qaari Saheb advised him:

“Tell Shaytaan that I am performing my Salaah at home because the Shariah permitted me to so do.”

Hardly had Qaari Saheb left, that suddenly the pious shouted:

“Get away Shaytaan. Get away you accursed one. My Allah gave me permission to read my Salaah at home because I am unwell. Allah, help, Allah..Allah.”

And upon his lips was the Blessed Name of Allah even as Malakal-Maut made Salaam to him and took his soul to Allah.