She is the wife of Nuh ‘alayhis salam. However, she did not accept iman. When the flood commenced and water began gushing out of the ground, Nuh ‘alayhis salam asked the believers to board his ship. He went to his wife and son and asked them to accept iman and thereby board the ship. However, they did not accept iman, nor did they board the ship. In fact, they did not even believe that the flood was approaching and mocked at Nuh ‘alayhis salam for holding such a belief. When the flood came, both of them drowned.

Lesson: Mention of this woman has also been made in the Quran in the same way that despite her being the wife of an accepted servant of Allah (i.e. Nuh ‘alayhis salam), but because she did not tread the path of Din, her being his wife did not help her in any way and she was sent to jahannam. O women! Understand this well and do not depend on the piety of your husband, father, brother or son. As long as your Din and iman are not in order, the piety of any of your relatives will be of no avail.