The Son Is More Miserly Than The Father – Anecdotes & Lessons – Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat رحمه الله

It Is Like This There

Once, a villager came to me and said, “Why do the Ulama still eat paan whereas it is haraam to eat it?” I asked him, “And where is it stated that it is haraam to eat paan?” He replied, “It appears in Bahishti Zewar.” I gave him a copy of Bahishti Zewar and asked him to locate that statement, but he was unable to do so. He then said,
“Never mind, I will record the page number and volume from my personal copy and bring it to you.” The next week he returned with the reference and showed the mas’alah to me.
The mas’alah recorded in the kitaab stated: “A woman in the state of iddat after the demise of her husband should not adorn herself. She should not eat paan and colour her mouth red.”
Seeing this I told him, “Do you think that all the Ulama are in iddat?”

A Group Of Students Saved An Entire Village From Becoming Hindus

A group of students went to a village and learnt that the Muslims living there had become renegades, and turned into Hindus. Thus, they approached the councillor and requested him to assemble the residents because they wished to address them. The councillor agreed and assembled them. The students asked them, “Were you all Muslims before becoming Hindus?”

They replied in the affirmative. The students than asked them, “How could you all have become Hindus whereas you were Muslims before? Each one of you was circumcised when you were small. So how can you all become Hindus? For one to become a Hindu, he will have to first join the severed portions back to his body.”
In short, they explained to them in this manner and all of them listened to the students. They then reverted to Islam.

What A Pity That A Muslim Did Not Know The Kalimah

The Muslims were waging jihaad in a certain place. A Muslim soldier attacked a Hindu and pounced on his chest. The Hindu said,
“Why are you killing me? I have become a Muslim.”
The Muslim soldier asked him to recite the Kalimah. He replied, “I don’t know it. Could you please teach me?” The Muslim soldier left him and returned laughing because he himself did not know the Kalimah.

The Son Is More Miserly Than The Father

A youngster fell very ill and there was no hope for his recovery. The father, who was punctual in his Salaah, went to the musjid accompanied by the elder son. He made du`aa saying, “O Allah! If my child recovers I shall give my choicest grade cow, which produces the most amount of milk, in sadaqah.”

When they returned home, they found that the child had opened his eyes. However, when he went to the musjid for the next Salaah, he changed his promise and said, “O Allah! If my child recovers, I will give my medium grade cow in sadaqah.” Now when he returned home, he found that his son turned around and signs of life appeared in him. On his next visit to the musjid he said, “O Allah! I shall give that cow in sadaqah which does not produce any milk.”

This time when he returned home, he found that his son stood up and even asked for some food.

Thereafter, when he went to the musjid he made this du`aa, “O Allah! I shall give the lost cow in sadaqah.” Upon hearing this, the elder son said, “Father! How do you know that the lost cow will not return? Rather, give away in sadaqah that cow which has already died.”

“When something is of no use anymore, it is given away in the name of Allah.”

Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat