How is Allah Ta’ala To Be Remembered? Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Rahimahullah

بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَـنِ الرَّحِيم

In this excerpt from a book on Zikr, Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Rahimahullah explains that one of the noblest forms of devotion to Allah Ta’ala is that where one carries out actions purely to seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah. Similarly one refrains from haraam actions purely out of fear for displeasing Allah Ta’ala.

Therefore,one should always bear in mind that a Muslim spends his/her entire day & night bound by the laws of Allah.In public & in private,with family & with outsiders,with employees & clients,with spouses & children – Always remember that the law of Allah applies first,He is All-Seeing,All-Hearing.Irrespective of the amount of authority/control one may have,all of creation are slaves of Allah Ta’ala. Being obedient to Him is also termed as Zikr (remembrance).

How is Allah Taala to be remembered?

A variety of mediums of remembering Allah Taala exists. For example: Remembrance by means of love; remembrance by means of fear; remembrance by means of shame. These mediums of remembrance are then divided into different types. Take, for example, remembrance by means of love. This love for Allah may be motivated by love for His being (Zaat) or it may be the result of the motive of sawab for good acts.

Similarly is the case of fear. Fear may be for the Being of Allah or it may be induced by His punishment. Likewise, shame (haya) which may be haya for His Zaat or for His hasanat (bounties and blessings). With regard to the medium and form of remembrance, the dispositions of people vary. In some people the Muhabbat (love) for Zaat is dominant. In other words, their disposition is so much overwhelmed by the grandeur and splendour of Allah Taala that they are compelled into the muhabbat of Zaat. They are engrossed in Zikrullah neither for the acquisition of Jannat nor for salvation from Jahannam. They are motivated in their Zikr solely by the consideration of pure muhabbat for Allah Taala.

Others again are motivated by the desire to acquire Jannat in their Zikrullah, as well as the motive of being saved from Jahannam. There is no wrong in this motive since the actual purpose is Zikrullah, and this motive or medium is lawful in its attainment. Should one commence ones Zikr even with this intention viz., acquisition of Jannat and salvation from Jahannam then, InshaAllah, a day will dawn when ones Zikr will be by the motive of the higher degree.

One’s Zikr will then be solely as a result of true and pure muhabbat(love) for Allah Taala. On that stage of Zikr one will be concerned with nothing but the pleasure of Allah Taala.

Source: Zikre Ilaahi Pg.35