Evils of Ignorance and Jealousy

Evils of Ignorance and Jealousy

He said in a series of conversations:

May Allah protect us from ignorance and envy. Both of these are very bad evils. They make a man blind. A man loses his ability to find the difference between right and wrong.

Because of this, objections were raised on Behishti Zawar. In some places it was burnt too. I heard and said that this was the Sunnah of Imam Ghazali (peace be upon him) that I have been blessed with.

Accusations were also made against him and the reason for this was the book, Ihyaul-Uloom.

At that time, many scholars issued a fatwa of disbelief on Imam Ghazali, and Ihya Uloom was burnt.

The reason is that in Ihya Uloom, the mistakes of the people of every class were explained and corrected. They were warned. That was the reason for his enmity.

Such people have always bent on the reformer, because the reformer informs people about the pretense and deception of such people. This is just the cause of enmity.

When a person follows someone blindly, then in his eyes, the perfections of others also become defects. And what to speak of the poor scholars and pious people as in what category they fall! The reason for hostility towards the Prophets (peace be upon them) was only their teachings and guidance. But Almighty Allah gives success and courage to the reformer, by which he thinks that such a situation would continue to happen and when one has exposed oneself to danger, one should not fear the consequences. Therefore, these things have no effect on him. He does not care about anyone. No one can move him to change his thoughts. It is not a point to mention, but from the need of research, I would say that the reformer is appointed. He has a position and responsibility. If he works a little loosely in it, he will be brought to book. That is why he is helpless. The duty to guide the people is entrusted to him. It is his obligatory duty and he does not seek anything, he seeks only one thing. The only thing to him is to establish the relationship with Allah.

All his sayings and actions are unshakeable. After that, even if all the world tries to move him from his position, they cannot move him.

Discourses of Hakimul Ummat: Part 5, Page 136