The son of Ummu Khallad رضي الله عنها was martyred. When she heard about it she came to Rasulullah ﷺ to enquire about his position and reward. Despite being afflicted by the great tragedy of losing her son, her face was still covered with a niqab (veil/purdah).

A Sahabi رضي الله عنه was quite astonished by this [level of composure] and he remarked: “You have come to enquire about your son [who was martyred] yet you [are so composed that you] have still covered your face [in this tragic moment]?”

She replied: “I may have lost my son, but I have not lost my modesty.”

(Sunan Abi Dawud 2488)

Despite her living in the best of eras and enquiring from the best of creation in such a blessed Era she still maintained purdah,the same standard is found when the Sahabah Radiallahu anhum used to ask questions to the mothers of believers,they used to enquire from behind the curtain as per the quranic injunction:

“And when ye ask of them (the wives of the Prophet) anything, ask it of them from behind a curtain. That is purer for your hearts and for their hearts”(Quran)

It is amazing in today’s time celebrity scholars feel that it is permissible to adress women directly as long as they are giving a Deeni lecture.

Others feel it is permitted to march with women on the road.

How far are they from the pious predecessors and haqq!