The following episode led to his reformation and renunciation of

the world


Once a beautiful woman was walking ahead of Utbah. At the first

glance, Utbah fell in love with the women and followed her. The lady

happened to be highly intelligent and pious. She immediately

understood that Utbah was consumed by the flame of love. She

hurriedly reached home and immediately sent her servant girl to

enquire from Utbah: “what has caused you to fall in love with me?”.

Utbah answered:” the charm of your enchanting eyes.” When the girl

delivered this message to the lady, she immediately removed her eyes

from their sockets and placing them on a tray, sent them to Utbah, the

one who was consumed by the flame of true love. As Utbah beheld

the enchanting eyes of his beloved, he was shocked into a swoon.

After a long while he regained consciousness. Heaving sighs of grief,

sorrow and sadness, he who had pursued mortal and transitory love

diverted his attention from this artificial and perishable love to the

everlasting and true Love of the Eternal Being, Allah Rabbul


With a brave heart Utbah proceeded to Hasan Basri (Rahmatullah

alayh) and entering the path which leads to the attainment of the

Eternal Love, he wholeheartedly submitted himself to the Sharjah

which is the Road of this Journey of Divine love.

One night Hadhrat Utbah saw in his dream a Houri (Damsel) of

Jannat saying to him: “0 Utbah! I am in love with you. Turn to me

and never commit to anything which will bring about separation

between you and me.” Utbah answered:” I have given talaaq to the

world. Never will I turn to the world. I shall remain thus until I meet

you.” Since that time my heart became cold to the world, said Utbah

(Rahmatullah alayh)

Once during winter people saw him perspiring excessively. When

asked for the reason, he said: “Some time ago I had a few guests who

scratched off some sand from my neighbor’s wall to wash their

hands therewith. Although my neighbor has forgiven this act,

whenever I come to this spot, I perspire (on account of fear for the

misdeed’ committed).”

Once his mother said: “0 Utbah! Have mercy on yourself” Utbah

said: “I desire that mercy be shown to me on the Day of Qiyaamah.

This world is a life of a few days. Tolerating hardships here will

result in mercy and comfort in the Hereafter.”


Source: Scattered Pearls