“Between my house and my pulpit lays a garden from the gardens of Paradise..”

Nabi ﷺ , “Between my house and my pulpit lays a garden from the gardens of Paradise, and my pulpit is upon my fountain (Al kauthar).”

Scholars have intepreted this narration as follows:

The garden is parallel to a garden above it in Jannah. Or is in reality a garden of paradise, which will be returned to paradise in the hereafter. Or it is like the gardens of paradise, because the peace and tranquility which is experienced in it when engaged in the rememberence of Allah resembles that of paradise.

Madinah is the location of Hijrah (migration), the place where the Muhajirin and Ansar came together. And it is the centre of Jihad, from which the armies marched forth and campaigns were launched, from which lands were conquered, the religion spread and Shirk and its people were defeated.
In Madinah, most of the verses on rulings and laws were revealed. When the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) conquered Makkah, he did not settle there; rather he returned to Madinah, the city to which he had migrated, and lived there until he died and was buried in that city.

If the noor of Madhinah does not effect your heart, than your heart is like a empty vessel.