Mapping War and Resistance – What is the Situation on the Ground in Gazza

Mapping War and Resistance – What is the Situation on the Ground in Gazza
Tuesday, May 14, 2024

As the Palestinian Resistance reclaimed control over most of northern Gazza, the Israeli military is forced to fight on several fronts.

News reports coming from Gazza indicate that fighting is taking place in Jabaliya and Zaytoun, in the north, and Rafah in the south, with occasional incursions in the Muhraqa area in the center.

But what does the map of the Israeli war and Palestinian Resistance in Gazza look like on the 221st day of war?

The War in Jabaliya

The two most active points in northern Gazza are the Jabaliya refugee camp, or more accurately the outskirts of Jabaliya, and the Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gazza City.

In Jabaliya, Israeli forces are continuing their effort to penetrate the camp. Israeli military forces have launched their attack from the east of the Gazza Strip, moving in a curved line, attacking the camp from two separate directions: from the south and from the east.

The most intense battles today are taking place in an area known as the schools of the Jabaliya refugee camp.

These schools are all clustered together in a specific neighborhood and are operated by the UN refugees agency, UNRWA.

Our information indicates that there are hundreds of displaced Palestinians trapped inside these schools.

Palestinian Resistance is confronting the advancing Israeli military and has already reported that it blew up several Israeli tanks and personnel carriers in that specific area.

The Israeli military has already admitted that it had incurred casualties in the area, and Israeli military helicopters have been seen arriving and departing that area at a high frequency.

Until now, the Israeli military has failed to enter the Jabaliya refugee camp.

Zaytoun and Jurh Al-Deek

Israeli forces are also trying to enter the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, which is now back in the hands of the Resistance.

Palestinians have reported that they destroyed several Israeli military vehicles and sniped Israeli soldiers in the area between Street No. 8 and Street No.10, located at the southeastern borders of the camp.

Other areas of clashes include Juhr Al-Deek, in the east of Gazza, and only a short distance away from the fence separating Gazza from Israel.

The Al-Quds Brigades have announced that it has targeted Israeli military gatherings in the eastern and southern parts of the Juhr Al-Deek area, causing casualties among the Israeli soldiers.


The Israeli military operation against Rafah has expanded today to reach as far as George Street, where most of the clashes have taken place.

Israel launched its operation on Rafah on May 6, moving from east to west. By doing so, it has passed through the Rafah crossing, Al-Salam area, and other areas, which are still on the outskirts of the main city of Rafah.

Al-Qassam Brigades is currently leading the resistance in that area, knowing that Israel’s aim is to eventually move, particularly into Al-Fukhari and Miraj areas north, and Tal as-Sultan, further west.

Meanwhile, Al-Qassam has also said that its fighters shelled Israeli forces that have taken over the Rafah crossing, thus choking off the besieged Gazza Strip completely.