SANHA- Prove Your Credibility


Bismillahir – Rahmanir- Raheem

We have received Sanha’s response to our challenge to meet them in public in order to resolve the present Halaal/Haraam crises confronting the Ummah. Regrettably, the offer to meet in public was rejected by Sanha under different pretexts. Currently, Sanha’s response is being evaluated. Insha-Allah, we will be forwarding our reply to Sanha’s response soon. In the meanwhile we are keeping all our options open.

Sanha’s response contained the following severe allegations and false accusations against Mufti Boda:

1) with his experience of instigating slaughterers to be present at the SANHA programme at the Mayfair Musjid which ended in chaos…

2) orchestrating the disruption of a Musjid program

3) gate-crashing a radio staffer’s home

4) Invalidating people’s Nikaah

5) Branding others as Murtad (apostates)

6) Conspiring with other Ulama

7) Expelling others out of the fold of Islam

Just how true are the above accusations?

Beyond doubt, the public has a right to hold Mufti Boda accountable if he is guilty of any of the above. Beyond doubt too, the public has a right to hold Sanha accountable if any of the above is disproved.

Both Mufti Boda and Sanha will seek to prove their claims and counter claims. Both are seeking to establish themselves as credible and honest role players to the public.

An affidavit is a legal document. Grave indeed are the repercussions for any lies or deceptions contained in an affidavit. Giving a false affidavit is an act of perjury. A jail sentence could be imposed for anyone attempting to deceive the Justice system by filing a false affidavit.

Being fully mindful of the above, Mufti Boda has filed an affidavit (see attached), not only disputing the above accusations leveled publicly against him by Sanha, but even refuting some other malicious gossip. The affidavit contains a factual rebuttal of Sanha’s above allegations.

Sanha now has two options. Either they:

a)     Respond by presenting to the public a counter affidavit with the accusations which they have made against Mufti Boda. In that case the law will have to take its course with both parties being subjected to the due process of cross examinations etc. Mufti Boda is prepared to allow the Justice system to take its course.

b)       Alternatively, Sanha refuses to present an affidavit backing up the above damning allegations.

In this case, the public can come to their own just conclusions of just how credible, reliable, transparent, sincere, truthful and believable Sanha is. If Sanha refuses to back up their accusations by producing a counter affidavit, it will most certainly raise serious questions not only over the allegations made against Mufti Boda, but against their organization as a whole. The entire credibility of Sanha is at stake.

The Muslim public are intelligent, smart and honest to judge fairly with full Imaan upon the Knowledge that they themselves will One Day be held accountable to Allah Rabbul Izzah. The Muslim public is not so daft, stupid and nutty to allow Mufti Boda to act as the judge and the jury on behalf of them.

Sanha either presents an affidavit in substantiation of their accusations OR either refuses to present such an affidavit and lose ALL credibility in the eyes of the public! To prove his innocence, Mufti Boda presented his affidavit to the public. Anything less than an affidavit from Sanha is certainly unacceptable to the public. The intelligent public will see through any distractions, diversions, evasions and time-wasting tactics. Sanha must stick to their allegations made against Mufti Boda and not bring the Mujlisul Ulama into the picture. Any issue they have against the Mujlisul Ulama must be brought up with them. Sanha made their allegations personally against Mufti Boda as an individual and thus they should back it up with an affidavit against Mufti Boda. Some of the vicious allegations were made against Mufti Boda and NOT the Majlis. Thus, we are sure that the public would agree that our demand for an affidavit against Mufti Boda is a just, reasonable and logical demand.

By Allah! If Sanha refuses to respond, they stand accused of spreading lies, of slandering innocent Ulama, of indulging in deceptions and distortions, of engaging in such a malicious smear campaign perhaps unseen and unheard of in the history of this country and of deceiving the entire Ummah.

The Muslim public surely holds its breath in eager anticipation for Sanha’s affidavit.

We urge the public to continuously make the following Sunnah Du’aa:

“O Allah, show us the Truth as Truth and guide us towards it, and show us falsehood as falsehood and assist us to abstain from it.” (Ameen)


Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng