Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 76-80

76. O Mu-mineen! This Imaan which you have and desire an increase in, the way and only way to achieve this increase is to get down to Taa’at (Obedience unto Allah Ta’ala) and Zikr.

77. Zikr in essence is to embed some being in one’s heart and to continue mentioning it with the tongue.

78. What becomes embedded in the heart? That with which one has utmost love for.

79. Besides Allah Ta’ala there is no place for utmost love in the heart for anyone or anything.

80. A Mudarris teaching Ilm of the Deen, be it Meezaanus Sarf which is the foundation for Bukhari Shareef, whilst teaching Meezaanus Sarf that Mudarris is simply engrossed in Ibaadat and Tawajjuh Ilallaah (Attention to Allah).