Q&A: Baseless Imposition of Unified Eid in Southern Africa

Q. I will appreciate it if the learned scholars of the Jamiat can answer the following question: Why do the South African Ulama refuse to work with the Ulama of neighbouring countries to establish the reliability of moon-sightings, and to work towards ensuring that Muslims in Southern Africa start Ramadaan and make Eid on the same day? I ask because I have read in Taalim ul Islam and Fatawa Rahimiyyah that reliable global sightings are acceptable.

Furthermore, please explain why Eid ul Adha is not made with Haajis. I have been told that there is a Hadith which states that Arafat is Haj and Eid follows. Furthermore, should we not be keeping the fast of Arafat on the same day as Haajis?

 A.1. There is no Shar’i incumbency on us to celebrate Eid with neighbouring countries or with any other country. Even the Sahaabah had adopted this attitude, and our senior Ulama and Mashaaikh had also adopted this stance.

When people desire to impose acts which the Shariah does not impose or command then the consequences are problems and strife. It is not permissible to impose on anyone a permissible act. Furthermore we see no need for assuming an additional unnecessary responsibility. The old system is simple and has no problems.

2. The Shariah does not command the world to celebrate Eid with the Hujjaaj. It orders that Eidul Adh-ha be on 10th Zul Hijjah. So, whenever it is the 10th in a place, it will be Eid for that community.

3. The Shariah also orders fasting on 9th Zul Hijjah. The Hujjaaj do not fast on the 9th Zul Hijjah. It is not Masnoon for them. But for others it is Sunnat to fast on the 9th. The Shariah does not stipulate that the 9th all over the world must be on the same day as it is the 9th in Makkah Mu’azzamah.