A BUZRUG narrated: “I saw in a dream a man saying to me: ‘We have already completed your
mansion. If you could see it, your eyes will be cooled. I have already issued instructions for the
mansion to be tidied within seven days. The name of the mansion is Daarus Suroor (The Abode of
Happiness). Be happy!”
The seventh day after the dream, it was a Friday. The Buzrug made wudhu and early in the
morning went to the river to take ghusl. As he descended into the river, he slipped and drowned.
After Jumuah Salaat, the people retrieved his body and he was buried. Three days after his burial
he was seen in a dream. He was wearing exquisite garments of green silk. When he was asked
about his condition, he said: “Allah Ta’ala bestowed Daarus Suroor to me. It is a mansion which is
beyond description. I am unable to describe its beauty and comfort.”


TWO SHAIKHS were traveling on foot through the wilderness and the desert. After some days they

were overwhelmed by thirst and hunger. After days of walking they saw a small hut in the jungle

through which they were passing. When they reached the hut, they found a very old lady inside.

The hut was completely bare. Outside the hut was a rock which had the formation of a bowl. The

old woman was engrossed in ibaadat. The two Shaikhs sat down outside.

When the sun set, she performed Maghrib Salaat inside, then came out holding two pieces of

bread and some dates. She told the two Shaikhs: “Go inside and take your share of the food.”

When they went inside, they found four pieces of bread and some dates. There were no date trees

in that place nor was bread available. They were surprised and wondered from where the bread

and dates had come.

After they had eaten, they saw a cloud over the spot where the bowl was. Rain came from the

cloud and filled the bowl. Not a drop rained out of the bowl. The Shaikh asked: “How long have you

been living in this place?” The old lady said: “Seventy years. This is my bond with Allah Ta’ala.

Every day the cloud appears and fills the bowl and the bread and dates arrive as you have


The old lady asked: “Where are you going?” They said: “We are going to visit Hadhrat Abu Nasr

Samarqandi.” She said: “Abu Nasr Samarqandi is a pious man. Come, and meet these people.”

Suddenly, Hadhrat Abu Nasr Samarqandi was standing in front of the two Shaikhs. They

exchanged greetings, and Hadhrat Samarqandi said: “When the servant is obedient to Allah

Ta’ala, then He fulfils the desires of His servant.”