“The Shaikh is not going to remain,
the Shaikh’s words are going to remain.”


(Allah Ta’ala’s Infinite Mercy
Be Upon Him)


Chapter One: Infancy, Family, Childhood Days, Primary and Secondary Education


Glad Tidings O Heart! The Maseeh of the soul has come
With his beautiful pattern of life, what a fragrance has come


His celebrated name is Muhammad Maseehullah Khan.

He was, as those who knew him and met him, and as will enfold in the pages to come,  a personification of his name, an embodiment of mercy and kindness a fountainhead of philanthropy and generosity, an epitome of direction and guidance, a perfection of softness and gentleness, a saviour to aching souls, a guide to the Path of Light, an authority on the Path of Allah, the perfect Shaikh, the sympathetic Murabbi, the accomplished physician of spiritual sicknesses, and furthermore the remembrance of the Predecessors, the model of the Elders and a blessed Imaam of Tareeqat.

How right was that person who named him, Maseehullah!

You cured the folk of the blind-age with your charming way

The path of wisdom thus opened up in everyone’s mind like the light of day