Hajj is moving towards the middle of the Arabian desert summer. A number of factors (which will be expanded on later InshaAllah)that impact ones health & wellbeing, need to be considered:

1. There is going to be a major, sudden temperature change & acclimatization is a gradual process

2. Most South Africans are extremely unfit & suddenly find themselves forced to walk long distances, in the heat, multiple times a day

3. Clothing must be appropriate for the climate

4. Appropriate footwear is a must & must be ‘worn in’ at least a month or 2 before departure

5. Disruption in ones sleep patterns usually start even before departure

6. We are not in the habit of drinking sufficient amounts of good quality water

7. Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis etc. don’t miraculously disappear on reaching the Haramain

8. Interfering with/stopping the normal menstrual cycle using hormonal preparations such as the pill etc. given the circumstances,often have unpredictable, unwanted effects that create more challenges

9. Vitamin supplements, cough syrups, probiotics etc. that we are accustomed to are usually not available & adequate supplies must be taken from home

10. Given current circumstances, very old, frail, mentally unstable individuals, individuals with severe medical ailments etc. invariably experience added difficulty which usually impacts negatively (much takleef) on the group they travelling with, prepare adequately

(To be continued in shaa Allah)