FAROUQ SAHIB رحمه الله)


What was the very first sin committed in heaven and the first sin

committed on the surface of the earth?


Up in the heavens, the first sin was pride (by Shaytaan)

while here on earth the first sin perpetrated was jealousy

between Haabeel and Qaabeel (the two sons of Hazrat Aadam عليه السلام


The hasad that developed between them resulted in murder (with Qaabeel

slaying his brother Haabeel). The jealous one is blind, yes, totally blind.

If not, then how is it possible for one Muslim to take the life of his own

brother? Taubah, taubah! This slaying was based solely on hasad or

jealousy. The murderer was blinded by jealousy.


We have established that jealousy stems from miserliness. Never

ever let your heart burn with envy upon seeing another person favoured

with bounties from Allah تعالى. Never allow yourself to be consumed by

jealousy. If you realise this happening to you, do not waste time in

seeking a cure. It is a most despicable sin. Seek Allah تعالى’s protection, or

else you shall be destroyed. It appears in the hadith shareef that,

jealousy devours good deeds like fire devours wood. ”

The jealous one is indirectly objecting against Almighty Allah تعالى. It is

as if he is saying,’so-and-so is not worthy of any bounty, yet You (O

Allah تعالى تعالى) have granted that person so many favours.’ We seek the

protection of Allah تعالى! That person is challenging Allah تعالى! What a terrible

thing to do!


The jealous one suffers physical harm too, for he always remains in

anguish and depression. Meanwhile, the one of whom he is jealous

suffers nothing at all. By you being jealous, he does not lose even one

of the favours that Allah تعالى has granted. Instead, your good deeds go to the

one of whom you are jealous. You thus lose your good deeds. So this

jealousy has backfired on you, and in the process you have committed

a major sin. The law f-or every major sin is that it is compulsory for the

perpetrator to repent to Allah تعالى without delay. Hasad or jealousy ranks

among the devastating sins, and thus requires urgent repentance.


Once, my Hazrat said something unique. As a matter of fact, every

statement of his was u:nique and peculiar. He was in a class of his own,

singularly and wonderful. He says that among the evil spiritual attributes,

ujub (vanity) and hasad (jealousy) are two that take very long to be

eliminated. So much so, that right until the end the Shaikh has to work

very hard work on these two. And whenever spiritual brothers (i.e.

those mureeds who are under the same Shaikh) were destroyed, it was

because of jealousy.


The waves of both these evil traits, vanity and

jealousy, continuously rise and swell, and keep on surging ahead’ ‘Therefore, one should have contact with such a wali of Allah تعالى who is an

expert in this field, and possesses a deep insight into spiritual maladies’