Stop Fighting and Feuding

For strength, added strength and collective strength Allah Tabaaraka Wa Ta’ala has clearly and explicitly stated elsewhere: “Do not fight with each other.” O Muslims! Desist from living fragmented. Desist from fighting with each other.

This begs the question: “What is the harm in fighting each other?” My, my! You being a Mu-min and you ask such a question? “You will be weakened.” Your courage will diminish. Your courage will fade away. And when your courage fades away what task can you then achieve? You will have no courage.

Understand this in another manner. Your joints will become weak. You will become meek. “So what if we become meek?”  So what!? “Your power will become eroded.” You will become like “particles of scattered dust”. In other words, your awe will be lost. Then, others will dominate you. You will become overpowered. You will live in fear. You will have fear for them. Your limbs will become weak. What fight will you be able to put up then? You will become intimidated. You will be at your wits’ end.

So Allah Ta’ala says that you need awe to dominate the enemy. For this awe a collective and united force is necessary. And for this it is necessary to refrain from arguing.

When you stop arguing with each other then you will be strong and daring. When you are daring, then your awe will strike others, not the other way round. And this is the conventional cause of victory. But you have abandoned that conventional cause, so others are dominating you and you are taken over. Fear for them has settled over you. Then how can you be successful? Collectively you have taken the route of failure.

The Bayaan of Al-Mu-minul Qawi Khairum minal Mu-minidh Dha’eef

Look! My Rasool is going. He came for your benefit. I sent him for you to live with honour till Qiyaamah with the teachings he hands down to you. Now he is going. But he is going after imparting all those factors and means which bring domination; which produce indomitable will; which give a life of awesome power. As long as you live with these means you will be victorious with My help. Others will be defeated. You will have awe; others will be overawed. So, till Qiyaamat you will be victorious. “Now there is no one to overpower you.” No one will be able to make you their serfs.

This is the bayaan of Al-Mu-minul Qawi Khairum minal Mu-minidh Dha’eef – the Strong Mu-min is better than the weak Mu-min. Topical questions have been addressed in this bayaan. If any harm or evil raises its head then it is due to some weakness overcoming the Mu-min; the Mu-min who ought to be physically and spiritually powerful. Hence, the good was short lived and now momentary evil has asserted itself.

How Sharr is Fleeting and Khair is Enduring

But once he takes stock of himself then the evil is fleeting; it is not enduring. Khair is enduring. In other words you will experience khair; the sharr will not remain. The momentary sharr will change to khair and khair will prevail. You will say: “We were defeated; but that was temporary due to discrepancy in outward obedience on one occasion and due to internal and inner discrepancy on another occasion. Hence it [the defeat] was temporary.

For example, in the Battle of Uhud outward compliance was forfeited. When you were winning then the guards posted to protect the mountain pass saw the Muslims victorious and the enemy on the run. They thought that there was no reason left to remain at the pass, whereas they should have waited for fresh instructions from Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam); instructions to leave the pass as there was no need to guard the pass anymore. But they abandoned their positions on their own making without fresh instructions. Thus there was a breach of outward compliance. Thus, the Muslims suffered a temporary defeat.

In the Battle of Hunain again there was a breach of the order pertaining to the heart. Their gaze went to their possessions and to themselves. They thought: “When we were inferior in numbers we would still win. Now we are more; why would we be defeated?” This condition of the heart overshadowed the Demand of Imaan for the gaze to be on Allah Ta’ala. The human disposition briefly asserted itself and hence you suffered a temporary setback.

“At all times – whilst in battle, in outward distress and in apparent favourable conditions – your gaze should be on Me. What is this vanity over your numbers!?”

So, in the Battle of Uhud the external instruction was breached and here the inner instruction was broken. Therefore the Help of Allah Ta’ala was lost for a while. And as soon as they became penitent of their breach of the external and internal command then Help from Allah Ta’ala was again forthcoming.


Be that as it may, the Help of Allah Ta’ala, that is recharged power, is always present with the Strong Mu-min, as submitted to you. So, there is nothing of being overawed and defeated when the Strong Mu-mineen stop quarrelling, refrain from discord and take upon themselves to live united.

May Allah Ta’ala cherish us with abundant taufeeq to live steadfastly as complete and perfect Strong Mu-mineen with power of Imaan together with ikhlaas and sidq [sincerity and honesty].

(End of Majlis by Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb, Nawwarallahu Marqadahu)