Some Effects Of HIS BLESSED NOOR On His Honourable Father And Venerable Grandfather

It is narrated from Hafiz Abu Sa’eed Neeshapoori Abu Bakr Bin Abi Maryam who relates from Sa’eed Bin Amr Ansaari who in turn relates from Ka’bul Ahbaar, that when the Blessed Noor of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was transferred to Abdul Muttalib who was at that time a young man, he [Abdul Muttalib] slept one day in the Hateem. When he woke up he found surmah applied to his eyes. His hair was oiled and he was dressed up in fine attire. He was astounded. He could not figure out who had adorned him in this way. His father grabbed his hand and took him to the soothsayers of the Quraish explaining the whole episode. They replied: “Be informed that the Lord of the Heavens has instructed this youth to marry.”

In consequence, Abdul Muttalib married, firstly, Qailah and after her death he married Faatimah who became pregnant with Abdullah, the honourable father of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

The fragrance of musk used to emanate from the body of Abdul Muttalib and the Noor of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) used to shine on his forehead.

When the Quraish would be faced with a drought they would take the hand of Abdul Muttalib and go to Mount Thabeer. There, they would seek proximity unto Haq Ta’ala through the medium of Abdul Muttalib and they would supplicate for rain. Through the barkat of the Noor-e-Muhammadi Allah Ta’ala would send down abundant rain… (Mawaahib)

  1. Abu Nu’aim, Kharaaiti and Ibn Asaakir have reported from Ibn Abbaas (Radhiyallahu anhu) from the chain of Ataa that when Abdul Muttalib took his son Abdullah with the intention of making his nikaah, they passed by a female soothsayer who had become a Yahoodiya and she was versed in the former Heavenly Books. Her name was Faatimah Khath’amiyyah. She saw the Noor of Nubuwwat on the face of Abdullah and therefore called Abdullah unto her. Abdullah, however, refused. (Mawaahib)
  2. When King Abraha with his army of elephants marched upon Makkah to destroy the Ka’bah Shareef, Abdul Muttalib accompanied by some people of the Quraish climbed up Mount Thabeer. On that occasion the Blessed Noor was flashing brilliantly on the forehead of Abdul Muttalib, circular as a crescent. Its rays fell on the Ka’bah Shareef. Upon seeing this, Abdul Muttalib told the Quraish: “Let us go! This light which is flashing like this on my forehead is proof that we will be victorious.”

Then some men of Abraha’s army laid their hands on Abdul Muttalib’s camels and took them away. Abdul Muttalib went to Abraha to retrieve his stolen camels. The dignity and awe of the Holy Noor cascading from the face of Abdul Muttalib constrained Abraha to meet him with utmost respect. Abraha came down from his throne and sat down. He gave an equal seating to Abdul Muttalib.

In short, this was the lofty position of the Blessed Noor; that kings would succumb to its awe and show respect and honour. (Tawaarikh-e-Habeeb-e-Ilaah by Moulana Inaayat Ahmad Rahmatullahi alaih)

Source- Nashrut Teeb