The Ingredients in a Plate of Biryani

Allah Ta’ala  gives us the plate of Biryani which we eat. This is made of  Basmati rice which is from Pakistan, butter from New Zealand,  saffron from Spain, mutton from the Karoo, Masala from Zanzibar  and Malawi. The vegetables are planted in various farms in one
plate. Paying twenty or forty Rand for a plate can never pay for a  plate of Biryani. You can’t even pay for a grain of rice. Who is it  that caused the rice that was grown in Pakistan or Indonesia or in  any other part of the world to grow? How many people had worked
on those rice fields? How many tractors were used in cultivating the  land etc.?

Look at the entire tractor industry that was involved in  manufacturing tractors. There is diesel, steels, and plastics used in  the manufacturing process. The land had to be ploughed, the seeds  planted, and then soaked in water, thereafter the rice had to be
picked and packed in bags. The entire bag industry had to  manufacture the bags. The rice was then transported by truck, so the truck industry was required. The trucks utilise the roads which  was constructed by so many individuals. How many people are
required to construct one kilometre of road?

The rice was then left  at the docks. At the docks, so many people are required to work.  Cranes are required, paperwork is required, ships are required.  From the docks, the rice was then transported to the wholesalers  and then to the retailers. Eventually we go and purchase a kilo of  rice. Can fifteen or twenty rand ever pay for the entire process?  Never! This is just a great favour of Allah Ta’ala . Allah Ta’ala is our Muhsin.
Only Insaan (humans) have a variety of meals to choose from, and  then his sustenance is spiced.

An elephant eats grass and leaves throughout its life. A lion only  eats meat throughout its life. The lion doesn’t cook the meat nor  does the lion add any salt or masala to the meat. The human being eats rice and meat of various animals, fish, eggs etc. yet we are
unhappy with the food. The children don’t want to eat this type of food and that type of food. If we are getting a guest and one person  suffers from high blood pressure, he will request the host to  prepare the food without salt. Another guest phones and says that
he is diabetic, so food should be prepared without sugar.

Another  guest says that he has cholesterol and then another person phones  to say that he is allergic to a certain type of food. The host will tell  them to stay at home, yet Allah  feeds all. The diet of a lion, ant, fly, mosquito, completely differ from each other. A human being has a completely different diet, but Allah  provides for each one throughout his life.


Hadhrat Maulana Shah Abdul Hamid Is’haq Sahib (damat barakatuhum)