Sadly, hardly a day goes by without someone being a victim of crime.

No man, woman, child or old person is safe from being attacked in his home, shop or car. Everyone lives in fear. Everyone is scared. The best of security features cannot keep the criminals at bay. Whereas non-Muslims attribute crime to various factors, Muslims will understand that ultimately nothing happens without Allah’s Command. Not a leaf moves without His Direct Divine Order.

O, how much we sin against Allah Ta’ala! O, how much we disregard the Sunnat of Rasulullah Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam! O, how we cheat on our wives! We commit Zina with our eyes and speech. O, how we disobey our husbands. We get angry at them for no real reason. Who is free from the poison of our sins?

We sin freely and happily. We encourage others to join us in committing sins. We enjoy and propagate our sins. We boast about our sins. We love our sins. We are proud of our sins. Instead of seriously seeking to reform and repent, we prefer to defend and die for our sins.

Those who enlighten us and encourage us to sin are viewed as friends. Those who point out our sins to us, are mocked at and viewed as enemies. We feel offended when Nahi-anil-Munkar is made. Terribly offended. Offended enough to fight.

The Muazzin called Fajr time. How few cared! Last night we were busy until late watching TV and Videos. This morning we were too tired to make Sajdah unto Allah. So much is Allah forgotten despite being so much needed!

Summer’s here. And so we clad our daughters with sleeveless dresses. “She’s only thirteen, she’s still small, it is very hot.” We as parents purchase the clothing. We make sure it fits as snugly as possible. We make sure that tight jeans, skippers, bare arms and legs are flaunted. Our hard heartedness do not even spare our children from sins. So we sin away. And we proud of it and enjoy it. Yes, it is hot, but by Allah, remember that Jahannam is much hotter…much, much hotter.

“It’s no one’s business what we do”;  “they think they are too pious” ; “they’re old-fashioned”, “not in today’s times”; its petty”; “don’t make Fitnah and cause disunity”, we croon and cry away. That’s until we discover that our daughters have a non-Muslim boyfriend.

And so we prefer the safety of silence even as we have the safe choice of speaking out. And so we become part of the evil vile system of sin. And so we forget

that Hadhrat Aishah Radaillahu anha narrated: “A town of 18 000 Muslims was over taken by the PUNISHMENT of Allah. The righteous deeds of these Muslims were like those of the Ambiya. (Alayhimus Salaam). But when they observed evil being committed they were not angered.” They had abandoned Amr-bil Ma’ruf and Nahi-anil-Munkar.

18000 thousand Muslims! Righteous deeds like the Ambiyaa (alayhimus Salaam)! And despite this — punished for what? For having dead hearts! For having cold hearts! For not getting angry! For not being outraged! For not being hurt!

They were ritualistic worshippers instead of true Lovers. It mattered not an iota that Allah was being disobeyed! It mattered not that Allah was being treated insignificantly! It mattered not that Allah was considered unimportant!

They worshipped like the prophets but with the hearts of habitual determined sinners. They were not worshipping Allah as much as they were worshipping themselves, their names, their fame and their status. Thus they preferred silence.

As Muslims let’s face it…crime is a punishment from Allah. It is because of our sins…it is because we purchase back-door goods, it is because we oppress our workers, it is because we steal from our bosses, it is because we indulge in Riba, it is because we have no intention to pay those whom we owe money to.

For the evil unrepentant person, crime is a punishment. For the victim who repents sincerely, it is a cleanser. And for the pious victims, it elevates their stages in the hereafter.  Ultimately every one — sinner or saint –  gets affected by crime.

Alhamdulillah, we have included a link which contains certain Du’as for protection which were compiled by Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alayh. [click anywhere on this coloured text]

Remember that a person who makes Du’a is like a student who puts his hands up in class. The teacher will be immediately attracted to the need of the student and attend to him. When making Du’a, one needs not to be in the state of Wudhu. Allah’s Door is forever open to everyone. Keep the pamphlet at a convenient place where it is easily accessible whether at home or in the office. Keep it where it is easily VISIBLE. May Allah Ta’ala protect each and every one. (Ameen)