Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah 121-125

121. A person carried out the commandment of offering Salaat, but also committed the prohibition of jealousy. This jealousy now subtly neutralizes the effect of the Salaat which was carried out.

122. By affectionately looking at the designated spots when making Ruku’ and Sujood an effect is produced in the Rooh (soul).

123. Coming out of the Court of Allah (the Masjid) when the gaze falls on some attractive person and one stares in that direction then this gazing and this indulgence smother and weaken the force of the humility and divine love in the heart produced from suppressing one’s nafs at the time of offering Salaat.

124. When the bandah (servant of Allah Ta’ala) commits a forbidden act then Allah Ta’ala becomes extremely disgusted.

125. O Saalik! How disgusted should you be at forbidden acts? These forbidden acts are alien to your goal.