O Haaji, hereby follows certain “do’s and don’ts” . Insha-Allah, it will guide you and make your journey easy. DO be clear in your objectives of Haj which are: (1) To answer Allah Ta`ala’s summons.(2) To make sincere Taubaah.(3) To be firm on Taubaah by being in the company of the pious until death. DO shelve all thoughts of comfort and, you will, Insha-Allah, be comfortable. DO understand that today’s journey is voluntary but Tomorrow’s will be entirely different.. DO keep check of your gaze. Men are also expected to observe the laws of Hijaab and Haya. DO read your Salaah in the plane. If you discard Salaah whilst going to the Baitullah, then how will you succeed in upholding it at other times? DO recite the Talbiyah loudly because Jibra-eel Alayhis Salaam instructed Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam to tell his companions to recite “Labbayk” loudly. Whenever the Talbiyah is recited the angels give one the glad tidings of Jannah. Most importantly, do source all your Deeni Masaa’il and Fatwas from ONE Institution or Mufti who is endowed with the Khauf of Allah Ta’ala. You are under no obligation to follow your group Mufti etc.

Don’t leave without seeking forgiveness from the ones you have wronged. Don’t display anger, rather control it. Don’t allow your womenfolk to congregate and parade themselves at the airport. Complete all greetings at home. Don’t allow the eyes freedom to roam and stare at other women. Don’t watch Haraam video and Haraam TV programmes during the journey. Sins committed whilst going for Hajj incur Allah’s immense displeasure. Don’t argue with people.Last, but not least Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said that there is no “Labbayk” for a Haraam Hajj. Thus, be careful that you only eat absolutely Halaal food.

(To be continued Insha-Allah)