When making du’a, bear the following factors in mind:

Make du’a with full zeal and fervour.

Do not make du’a for anything sinful.

If there is any delay in the acceptance of your du’a, do not give it up out of despair. Instead, have full conviction of its acceptance.

Do not curse your children, wealth and life out of anger because it is highly possible that it is the time of acceptance of such a curse.

Make a concerted effort to remember Allah and His Rasul sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam at the place at which you sit and discuss worldly affairs or engage in worldly matters. If not, all these matters and affairs will go to waste.

Make istighfar abundantly. In doing so, your difficulties are made easy and there is barakah in your sustenance.

If, perchance, you commit any sin, do not delay in making taubah. If you commit a sin again, make taubah again and do not think that since you have acted contrary to your first taubah there is no benefit in making taubah a second time.