(Continued from part 2…)

Yes… Yes… Yes… That much concession I have allowed. How much? When somebody comes to you, for example, a non-Muslim ruler or high-ranking official, then you may adopt those worldly customary civilities and courtesies appropriate to the occasion.

If, instead of a high-ranking official, an ordinary clerk were to come to you, then your hospitality and civility will be tailored to his level. It is apparent that one will take into account the status of the individual when being courteous.

I have granted permission for this. But I have not granted permission for you to change your dressing, form and appearance. My Habib Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has passed on the message to you:

Show hospitality to people according to their status.

That much permission I have granted. But I have not said that, out of consideration for them, you should copy their dressing, make your facial features and appearance like theirs.

Do you understand?

To be courteous is actually a manifestation of Islamic good character

In it is also the principle of dafae-zarar – warding off harm.

Therefore, to ward off harm, and to display Islamic good conduct and the dignity of Islam, be courteous towards them.

“This much I have not forbidden you.

But why have you changed your appearance?

Why are you dressing like them?

Why do you eat in the manner they do?

They are in the habit of standing and urinating. You have also started doing


They have adopted the habit of roaming from one food-laden table to another,

strolling and eating, standing and eating. You too have started aping them and

have started eating in this fashion.

What answer do you have?

An excellent course of studies you have undertaken!

So, you have not been barred completely from Jannat. Jannat, from whence you originally came, you will still attain. But, not as yet! No, not as yet!