“Similarly, does Allah cast rijs (filth) over those who have no


(An’aam, aayat 125)

“Verily, rijs (filth) has been cast over you (O Kuffaar!) from

your Rabb.”

(A’raaf, aayat 71)

“Turn away from them, for verily they are rijs (filth).”

(Taubah, aayat 95)

“He (Allah) casts rijs (filth) on those who have no

understanding (i.e. the unbelievers).”

(Yunus, aayat 100)

“Abstain from the rijs (filth) of idols.”

(Hajj, aayat 30)

“Verily, liquor, gambling, idols and divining arrows are rijs

(filth) from the action of shaitaan.”

(Maaidah, aayat 90)

“…..carrion (dead rotting meat, flowing blood, and the flesh of

swine – verily these are rijs (filth).”

(An’aam, aayat 145)


Rijs or Najaasat is filth. All impure and haraam substances

are described by the Qur’aan as rijs. There is absolutely no

relationship and no compatibility between Imaan and rijs.

These two are mutually repellent. There is absolutely no room

for rijs in Imaan. On the contrary, rijs is an inherent attribute of

kufr. We thus see the exceptionally strong inclination which

kuffaar intellectuals in particular have with rijs.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Allah did not

create cure for my Ummah in substances which have been

made haraam for them.” However, in the realm of kuffaar

medicine, rijs (filth) and haraam substances constitute primary

sources of remedies.


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “For every sickness there is a cure.” This declaration

should be read in conjunction with the other Hadith which

prohibits filth and haraam substances as medicine for the


When these two Ahaadith are collectively studied the

conclusion is conspicuous, namely, there is a cure for every

disease in the myriads of pure, wholesome and halaal

substances which Allah Azza Wa Jal has created in the plant,

animal and mineral kingdoms. Muslims are not supposed to

cast their gaze towards the avenues of rijs from which the

kuffaar medical establishment sources its remedies.


The attribute of filth is so overwhelming in kufr that we find

the minds of kuffaar scientists, doctors and intellectuals in

general drifting firstly in the direction of rijs and haraam

despite the availability of millions and millions of pure,

wholesome and halaal substances. The array of rijs and haraam

which the kuffaar establishments utilize is indeed formidable.


The sources of their extraction processes for medical remedies

and even food comprise of the following list: faeces of humans

and animals, urine of animals and humans, phlegm of diseased

persons, human placenta, blood, human bodies subjected to

mutilation, feeding discarded dead babies to animals, cow dung

from which the ingredient vanillin is extracted, cat excreta used

in the most expensive coffee, cockroaches from which dye for

sweets is extracted, human hair, semen, liquor, etc., etc.


The influence of western education has overshadowed the

brains of Muslim intellectuals who have been brainwashed to

believe that there is no cure for diseases other than in the rijs

and haraam which the kuffaar medical establishment has

certified. This attitude of mental slavery adopted by Muslims

implies rejection of Rasulullah’s proclamations mentioned



The permissibility of using rijs and haraam as medicine and

remedy is in the same category as permissibility to eat a small

quantity of pork. This permissibility arises at a time of dire

straits when life is at stake and no halaal substitute is available.

The permissibility of rijs medicine is not a norm as it has

become nowadays. As far as the mountains of processed foods

are concerned, the need is to abstain from most processed

foods. ‘Halaal’ certificates do not transform the rijs into pure

substances nor the haraam into halaal.

It is imperative for Muslims to exercise greater caution

regarding the food and the medicines they ingest. The

avalanche of rijs and haraam which is ingested contaminates

Imaan and utterly eliminates whatever spiritual fibre a Muslim

has developed by virtue of his Ibaadat.