So fear Allah as much as you are able and listen and obey and spend [in the way of Allah]; it is better for your selves. And whoever is protected from the stinginess of his soul – it is those who will be the successful. Chapter (64) Sūrat Taghābun

Can anybody fulfil perfectly and completely those commands that have been given in accordance to the shan of Allah Ta’ala – in conformity to His grandeur and majestic status? Never but never! That order that Allah Ta’ala has given to be carried out, in the time set for it, in the manner it is to be done, in keeping with the shan (grandeur) of Haq Ta’ala, can anybody carry out that task to that degree of perfection? Never. However, this person who carries out that task in the set time, yet unable to do it according to the shan of Zate Bari Ta’ala,  Allah Ta’ala nevertheless looks at the effort with a gaze of appreciation: “My bandah has made an effort. Where is he able to do so at the level of My Zat (Being)?

Yet, I know that he did it according to his capabilities, weak as he is. He attempted it. Therefore, he is of value and appreciated in My gaze. Therefore, do not fall into too deep research and inquiry, into too deep introspection and mystification, into too deep thought and anxiety.

On the other hand, that day in which you feel that you have performed a task befitting the shan of Allah Ta’ala, that is the day of mourning for you! In other words, it is a day of immense grieving. The very audacity! “O puny bondsman!

Do you consider that your performance is at the level of My Grandeur and Majesty?” Better is that day when you humbly submitted, “This is the extent of my effort. I have tried my level best. Where can I do anything befitting the grandeur and majesty of Haq Ta’ala?” Where is it possible to do anything befitting the shan of Haq Ta’ala? Astighfirullah!

O ye brothers! O ye saalikun! O ye zaakirun! O ye taalibun! O ye mutiyqun! Do you understand? This is encouragement – instilling courage for those who have work to do! Have you understood the points made?