How Will I Make it for Hajj? Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel (rahmatullahi alay)

For those out there that feel how will I make it for Hajj? I wish to tell you, don’t loose hope!If one is overwhelmed by the thoughts that we do not have enough of money and finances, so how are we going to be able to make it for Hajj ? Will we ever be able to see Makkah  Mukarrama, Madina Munawwarah?

So Hazrat Moulana Yunus Patel (rahmatullahi alay) saheb says, “Then what I wish to tell them is that they should never lose hope, because those who go for Hajj, they don’t go on the strength of their wealth. They don’t go on the strength of their properties They don’t go on the strength of  their incomes.
If it was wealth that only took you for Hajj, then all the rich of the world would have been Hajjis.That is where the first hajj story of mine comes, that you have requested and asked me to tell you about.
In those days, at that time, I was teaching kitabul Hajj to the students at the Madressa. The salary was only R90, and of that, I was paying R10 for the lights and water account  those days, in the 60s, in the 70s and we were always in debt. I had R5 in my pocket. Allah reward my wife, she used to make an effort to sew some dresses and make ends meet.

Nevertheless, I had R5 in my pocket and after teaching the kitabul Hajj I made dua to Allah, and I said, Ya Allah, what is the enjoyment in teaching the Hajj kitaab when I haven’t even  seen Makkah Mukarramah? I haven’t even made Hajj myself, I do not know what the Hajj is all about, except from that which I have read in the kitaabs. So Ya Allah you don’t take people to Hajj on the strength of their wealth or the property or on the gold or silver. If that was the case, every rich person of the world would have been a Hajji.

Ya Allah, you take us for Hajj through your Qudrat and ihsaan. Ya Allah, you make all the arrangements. Ya Alalh, I am only asking you through your fadhal and ihsaan. Ya Allah, you make the arrangements for me, but I am not going to extend my hands before any person directly or indirectly.  Also I’m not going to ask anybody because there are many ways of asking a person directly or you can even ask indirectly. The person can say that look I’m a Maulana, but I haven’t been able to go for Hajj, is there anybody that wants to send someone for a Hajj badal for others? That is also one way of asking. I made dua to Allah that I’m not gonna ask anybody. I’m asking you, you are going to create the conditions. I made alot of dua.

The very next morning the principal of the school  in that little town where I was, he was a non-muslim, Mr Nerendran, came over to the house early morning, at 6h00 . Mr Narendran came and said, “Moulana, I got a job for you at the school. One of our teachers are going for long leave and we need a teacher to fill in.”
So when he came, I was very surprised, at 6:00 in the morning, and he said, “I want you to teach that class.”
I said, “I only did standard 9. I don’t even have a matric certificate. I haven’t done any teaching course and I cannot do justice to that. I’m not even worthy and capable of that. What little geography and history we have done, I’ve already forgotten everything.”
So he says, “No, no, I’m not joking. It’s a very serious matter and I really want you to take that class. Its just class 1. I will give to you all the support.  What do you need to teach in class 1? You teach one plus one equals two.”
I said, “But I need to perform the zohr prayers at 1pm.”
He says, “That’s no problem. Also 12:30, you’re finished.”

Whatever I told him he found an answer for it. So I truly believe that now, that was from Allah’s side .
So I told him I have to speak to all the trustees. When I spoke to the trustees of it, they said that it doesn’t affect your Madressa teaching, so what does it cost us. So I accepted the offer. I had a sherwani, one of those long coats, and I used to wear a jeena hat in those days. So I put on the long coat and went to the school. So he gave me a class one. The salary that I got for those four months of teaching was sufficient to go for Hajj, and not only Hajj, it was even sufficient that from there I went to India and I came back. That’s how Allah gave Barakah. Allah’s ihsaan on me was so much. Subhanallah!

Above is a transcribed version from a bayaan of Moulana Yunus Patel saheb rahmatullahi alay that is truly so motivational. Many have been inspired to focus their attention and turn to dua  more and more from this beautiful real life story alhamdulillah