Says Rasullullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam: “The best amongst you are those who are kindest to their wives.”

It is worth pondering the immense goodness which our wives possess. Long before the dawn of Ramadhaan, they are worried and concerned about preparations for Ramadhaan. Comes Ramadhaan, they, out of love for their husbands and children, prepare various dishes and delicacies. Tired, thirsty and hungry as they may be, day after day we will find them frying, cooking, baking, and preparing the choicest of meals. Yet, when they happen to annoy the husband, he rages like a crazy lion and vents his anger like a Jinn on drugs. He forgets all the favours and enjoys increasing her misery!

Says Allah Ta’aala: “And if you are dissatisfied with them, then it is possible that you are dissatisfied with something whereas Allah has placed immense (worldly or Deeni) benefit therein.”