Hadhrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (rahmatullah alayh)-P3

His Demise

The process of teaching Zaahiri and Baatini knowledge continued until the end of 1313 Hijri. In the beginning of 1314 he lost his sight. The time which was formerly devoted to Uloom-e-Zaahiriyyah was, therefore, now also used for the moral training of mureeds, i.e. for Tazkiyah Nufoos.

On Friday, 8th Jamidith Thaani 1323 Hijri at the time of Jumuah Athaan, Hadhrat Imaam Rabbani bid final farewell to this ephemeral physical abode. Among the many bounties of Allah Ta’ala conferred on him, was also the favour of Shahaadat (martyrdom). He died as a result of having been bitten by a highly venomous snake. By virtue of his total absorption in Tahajjud Namaaz, he was even unaware of the snake-bite. In the morning-light when he went for Fajr Namaaz, his khuddaam observed his foot and lower part of the trousers soaked in blood. Only then Hadhrat became aware. After hurriedly changing, he led the Namaaz.

Regarding the snake-bite, Hadhrat commented:

“I never felt anything biting me nor do I feel any pain now.”

The incident of the snake-bite occurred on the 12th or 13th Jamaadil Ula 1323 and he died on the 8th or 9th Jamaadith Thaani 1323 at the age of 78 years, 7 months and 3 days. Thus, in terms of the Hadith which states that death by poison is shahaadat, Hadhrat died a martyr.

Hadhrat Maulana Mahmْdul Hasan Shaikhul Hind performed the Janaazah Salaat. Some people suspected the perpetration of sahr (magic) on Hadhrat. Every kind of medical treatment was resorted to, but when the time comes to depart, there is no delay. May Allah Ta’ala elevate his status, brighten his resting place and confirm us as his followers. And, that is not difficult upon Allah.

Six days prior to his demise, Hadhrat was waiting in anticipation of Friday. On Saturday he asked:

“Is it Jumuah today?”

In surprise, the khuddaam said that it was Saturday. Thereafter again before Friday, he several times asked the same question. Even in the morning of Friday, the day he died, he asked if it was Jumuah.

A few days after receiving the news of the demise of Hadhrat Haji Imdadullah, a companion of his saw in a dream Haji Sahib coming to Deoband. His face shone like the sun. He said:

“I have already died and I have come to take Molvi Rashid Ahmad. By the 20th Thil Hajj I shall take him.”

Sincere friends were perturbed by this dream. They reported the dream to Hadhrat Gangohi who allayed their fears by an interpretation of the dream. Nevertheless, he many a time said:

“An interpretation after all is an interpretation. In such a long time a man can die many times.”

Sometimes he would say with much pleasure:

“When Hadhrat comes to fetch me, most certainly he will take me beautifully.”

In one of the villages in the district of Surat, there was an Imaam of the Musjid, whose name is Sulaiman Mia. He dreamt that two buzrugs with the holiest countenance were sitting on a throne. Another man was standing below the throne. Sulaiman Mia asked this man: “Who are these great people?” He replied: “The great one is Rasulullah (صلى الله عايه وسالم) and the other is Maulana Rashid Ahmad, the Shaikh of Molvi Ahmad Buzrug, former principal of the Dhabel Madrasah.”

Sulaiman Mia narrated his dream to Molvi Ahmad who asked: “When did you see this dream?” After reflecting, he said: “Either on the 8th or 9th of Jamaadith Thaani.” This was the date of Imaam Rabbani’s death.