Listen to some of the Bayaans of contemporary Ulama below regarding the above topic:

mufti imran vawda saheb (BENONI)

mufti salejee saheb (KHANQAH ZAKARIYYA)

The 31st May 2011 was the final date for submissions for the MMB. The Jamiatul Ulama Gauteng has, Alhamdulillah, been overwhelmed with responses to our call of rejection and opposition against the Bill. We have received well over 7 000 sms responses which were sent directly to the Minister of Justice. Thousands of email submissions and petitions have also been sent to the Minister.

The Bill will now continue its process through the prescribed channels and it may be many months before we know the final decision of whether it will be passed as law or not.

We make earnest dua that it never sees the light of day as a law in our country. If it does then it will bode disaster for the Muslims of this country. However, judging from the responses we have received from the public and feedback we got from the lecture tours, and also after discussing with other Ulama organizations, it does seem that the Bill will never be passed as law, Insha-Allah.

We do not believe that there can ever be even a fraction of a response from advocators of the Bill compared to the response of those who have rejected it.

We urge all Muslims to ask Allah Rabbul Izzat to safeguard the Imaan of Muslims and eliminate the Bill and all traces of it, forever!