Khulafaa Of Moulana Maseehul Ummat

Question: Could you please inform us of how Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alayh passed away and who his Khulafa are?

Answer: Hadhrat passed away on a Jum’ah night. His last words were the Shahaadah. His last breath was the sound of “Allahu Allahu”. His last sip was Zam-Zam and his last physical act was to ensure that he had his topi on. During his association with South Africans over a long period of twenty seven years he appointed six Majaaz-e-Bayt and six Majaaz-e-Suhbat.

His khulafa in South Africa are:

Moulana Abdul Haq Umerjee Saheb (Rahmatullahi alayh), Moulana Ismail Kathrada Saheb, Moulana Ahmad Saadiq Desai Saheb, Moulana Ahmad Saadiq Methar Saheb, Hafez Abdool Kader Hansa Saheb and Janaab Ismail Mangera Saheb (damaat barakaatuhum).

The Majaaz-e-Suhbat khulafaa are as follows:

Hajee Yusuf Bhai Navalakhi, Hajee Yusuf Kathrada (Rahmatullahi alayhim), Mufti Rashid Mia, Mufti Faheem Mayat, Mufti Hashim Mohamed Boda and Moulana Qasim Methar Saheb (daamat barakaatuhum).

Some of the Majaaz-e-Suhbat have received Ijaazah to conduct bayt from other Khulafa. The need for making public the above list of names, is due to the many queries received.

Three days before Hadhrat’s demise, he requested the list of all his Khulafa from Hadhrat Moulana Abdur-Raheem Saheb. Hadhrat Rahmatullahi alayh intensely scrutinized the list. The above names are recorded in the Kitaab on Hadhrat’s life as well. People were amazed at Hadhrat’s remarkable memory that even though unwell and weak, he was alert about the Islaahi affairs of his Mureeds.