Causing harm to someone

Causing harm to someone

1.  If a person is not a qualified doctor, it is not permissible for him to prescribe medicines in which there is a fear of harm. If he does so, he will be committing a sin.

2.  It is not permissible to scare anyone with any weapon or dangerous object even if this is done jokingly as there is the possibility of the object slipping out of one’s hand (and thereby injuring the person).

3.  Do not give a pocket knife to a person while it is open. Either close it and give it to him, or keep it down so that he may pick it up himself.

4.  It is a major sin to enclose a dog, cat or any other living creature in such a way that it remains hungry.

5.  It is an evil practice to ridicule or taunt a sinful person. However, there is no harm in advising him.

6.  It is not permissible to stare or fix one’s gaze at an innocent person in such a way that he gets frightened. Note, if this is not permissible, how serious a crime it is to scare someone all of a sudden or “out of the blue”.

7.  If you wish to slaughter an animal, ensure that the knife is extremely sharp. Do not cause unnecessary harm to the animal.

8. When travelling (on an animal), do not burden the animal excessively. You should not overload it nor should you impose it to run excessively. Once you reach your destination (or rest-place), you should first make arrangements for the animal’s fodder, grass, feed, etc.