3. Miraculous Birth

3.1 The Divine Will

Human desires play no role in the Divine Will. It is for this reason that, notwithstanding this being an age of radical advancement in medicine and science, the experts of birth control have failed to stem the ever increasing population explosion of the world through their pills and potions. Whoever has to breathe the air of this earth, they [birth controllers] cannot prevent him from the position of existence in spite of their birth control methods and instruments designed to avoid pregnancy. This [the clash between man’s will and Allah Ta’ala’s Will is the turning point whereupon big and prominent heretics and rejecters are forced to proclaim upon reaching it:
عَرَفْتُ رَبِّىْ بِفَسْخِ الْعَزَائِمِ
[I have recognized my Allah by the breaking of resolutions].

3.2 The Infertility Attempt

The episode pertaining to his birth is also a lesson to learn about this material world which seeks to change the natural order of creation by interfering with it through its science and intelligence. His honourable father became afflicted with scabies. No medication seemed to be of any help. In fact, the malady deteriorated the more it was treated. This made him very worried. In fact, he became despondent.

His condition led a certain doctor to prescribe for him an alchemic medication that rendered the user infertile. He gave preference to preservation of the individual to preservation of the kind and consumed the medication. “Forget progeny, at least one is cured.” Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi himself mentioned this incident in the preface to Humaam-e-Ibrat.

When his honourable mother learnt of this incident she became very much disturbed because prior to this too, none of her male offspring would remain alive. Slowly the news reached his maternal grandmother. Coincidentally, during that period the most virtuous of the Majzoobs, Hafiz Ghulaam Murtadha Panipati came to visit his mother’s family according to his former association. His grandmother complained to Hafiz Ghulaam Murtadha Saheb about what transpired.