Someone asked: “Do you yearn for Allah?” Hadhrat Antaaki replied: “No man yearns for an absent being. Since Allah is constantly present, I do not yearn for Him.”

He said: He who fears the nafs attains salvation. One who fears (Allah) is grateful (to Allah).

Zuhd has four signs:

a) Trust on Allah.

b) Dissociation from creation.

c) Cultivation of sincerity (ikhlaas).

d) Bearing the calamities of Allah Ta’ala.

Man’s hayaa (shame) and khauf (fear) are proportionate to his ma’rifat. The beauty of the heart is in silence.

A wise man is one who is grateful for the bounties of Allah Ta’ala.

Tawaadhu’ (humility) is the elimination of pride and anger.

The select servants of Allah are always in a contemplative mood.

Explaining the conception of Yaqeen, Hadhrat Ahmad Bin Aasim Antaaki said: “Yaqeen is a noor which Allah bestows to a bandah (His servant). This noor enables the bandah’s heart to view the Aakhirah and veils are lifted.”

“The following three things purify the heart:

a) Companionship of the pious.

b) Tilaawat of the Qur’aan.

c) Tahajjud Salaat.

Hadhrat Antaaki (rahmatullah alayh) always emphasised the cultivation of the spirit of sacrifice to his mureed. One night 29 mureeds visited him. He spread the cloth and on account of lack of food he broke some bread into 29 pieces, placing one piece in front of each mureed. Then he removed the lamp. After some time when the lamp was returned, it was seen that all the pieces of bread were intact. No one had eaten. Having realised how little bread there was, every mureed left his share for the next one.