Shah Adh-Dud Deen (rahmatullah alayh)

He is a Sayyid. He is popularly known by the name Sayyid Izzud Deen. However, the research of some people has established that his actual name is Adh-dud Deen, hence this name had later attained greater recognition. He is the son of Shaikh Hamid Bin Shaikh Isa Hargami. His ancestral hometown is Hargam. However, in 1073 Hijri, his father, Hadhrat Shah Muhammad Hamid came to Amrohah. Here he married and settled permanently. Here, Shah Adh-dud Deen was born on 24th Rajab 1077 Hijri. He is, therefore, popularly known as Amroohi.

According to his own writings, he was the nephew (brother’s son) of his Murshid, Shaikh Muhammadi. He had gained the highest accomplishment in Uloom-e-Zaahiriyyah. From the very beginning, taqwa and zuhd were his habits. Inspite of the insistence of the rulers, he refused acceptance of their gifts.

A yogi, observing Hadhrat’s virtues and excellences, became his ardent admirer. He prepared an alchemy and presented it to Hadhrat. (Alchemy is a substance which transforms base metals into gold – Translator). Hadhrat refused to accept it. But, the vehement insistence of the yogi constrained him to accept the gift which he put on a shelf in the khaanqah. Some years later when the yogi visited Shah Adh-dud Deen, he noticed that the alchemy was still on the same shelf and had gathered much dust. He said:

“Hadhrat, you did not make use of it.”

Hadhrat responded: “The need never arose for it. We have a greater elixir than it.”

When the yogi asked what that was, Hadhrat said:

“Qanaa-at (contentment).”

After he had completed his Arabic and Urdu studies, the idea of learning Sanskrit occurred to him. In learning this language, he underwent considerable difficulties. Finally, he gained expertise in this language and wrote a kitaab in Sanskrit.

He also was an expert of dream-interpretation. Kashf was a frequent incidence for him. Once when someone desired to learn dream-interpretation from him, he said:

“Learning this knowledge is difficult because it is most difficult to encompass every kind (of dream). It is related to the incidence of Kashf. After kashf, the acquisition of dream-interpretation is natural.”

Maqaasidul Aarifeen is his work which he completed in 1124 Hijri. It is an excellent book on Aqaa-id and Sulook.

His Demise
Hadhrat Shah Adh-dud Deen passed away on the 27th Rajab in the year 1170 or 1172 Hijri at the approximate age of 100 years. His grave is in Amrohah in close proximity to the Jaami’ Musjid.